Are you Feeling Uncomfortable in Your Body?

Does it seem like your body changed overnight, even though nothing’s really changed? You’re still eating the same, working out the same… What gives?

Do you still feel terrible, even if you’ve had blood tests done and your doctor says “everything’s fine

It's time to learn why you may be exhausted & battling your weight if you are over 40 and the 3 essential things you can do to help to feel like yourself again.

In this guide you'll get answers to.......

  • What is really affecting your weight, mood and making you crave sugar (it's sneaky!)

  • Why eating too little can CAUSE weight gain and stop you from fitting in your clothes

  • Why exercising smarter, not harder is key - and the nutrition tips that work best to manage your weight

Take the bonus 2-minute assessment to identify if you are in Perimenopause.

Knowing this will help you manage your symptoms better!

Course curriculum

    1. Lesson 1: Introduction

    2. Lesson 2: Defining Perimenopause and Menopause

    3. Lesson 3: How do I know if I am in Perimenopause?

    4. Lesson 4: What can I expect in Menopause?

    5. Lesson 5: Let's talk about what happens in your body over 40 to cause many of these symptoms.

    6. Lesson 6: Cortisol- the stress hormone

    7. Lesson 7: Nutrition and it's effect on your changing body

    8. Lesson 8: Stress and it's effect on your changing body

    9. Lesson 9: Exercise do's and dont's

    10. Lesson 10: Get the support you need

    1. Bonus Video: Nutrition, Stress and Your Body

    1. Moving Forward

About this course

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  • 12 lessons
  • 1 hour of video content

Feel supported and embrace the changes in your body

About Your Instructor

Justine Friedman

Registered Clinical Dietician and Mindset Mentor

I have run a private practice for over 20 years and specialize in women's nutrition in midlife. My goal is to empower women over 40 to establish a positive connection with their bodies and food, freeing them from dieting. I use the latest research and a mindful approach to food to help clients shift their mindset, manage triggers, and intuitively understand their bodies' needs. This understanding leads to the development of healthy habits allowing them to curb cravings, and eliminate self-sabotage through inner dialogue work. My clients report improved energy levels, reduced anxiety and moodiness, better sleep, and decreased brain fog. They are better able to manage their weight and symptoms in perimenopause & menopause to achieve a sustainable and healthier lifestyle.

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